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Drop-Off Times: 7:35am - 7:55am

Pick-Up Times: 2:45pm - 3:05pm


PTO Meeting:

The 3rd Thursday of the month, 6:30pm - 7:30pm via Zoom.

Mrs. Murty is available at the Zoom link from 6:00pm - 6:30pm prior to each PTO meeting.

Woodward Elementary


August 31, 2021


Dear Woodward Parents and Guardians,

We have a few changes in our procedures for morning arrival and afternoon dismissal.

We will open our doors at 7:20am this school year.  Parents/Guardians who drop off children for arrival will follow the one-way loop in the side parking lot, coming in King Street, loop around the one-way side parking area along the Primary Wing sidewalk and drop off students for staff to escort in.  We will be using Door #4 and Door #7 (at the end of the Primary Wing/end of sidewalk).  This means that drop off can be all along the sidewalk in front of the Primary Wing so that we can help the process move along as quickly as possible.  Safety is priority, so the drop off loop must be a one-way traffic loop.  We want to avoid stopping, parking, and walking students across this loop.  Please use the pull up/drop off method similar to how we have handled dances, just along the sidewalk outside the Primary Wing.  Staff members will be waiting.

For dismissal, we can no longer have Parents/Guardians walk through the gym for our most restrictive protocols.  We are starting out the year in the safest way possible.  Buses will come to pick students up this year at 2:35pm.  Our goal is to load buses in five minutes.  However, as long as we use our morning drop-off routine for afternoon pick-up, we can actually start pick-up at 2:35 pm!  We just have to make sure that we only use the King Street entrance, our side loop, and King Street as the exit without ever blocking buses as they need to exit.

Every family will receive a Family Pick-Up Number.  Each child will bring three (3) laminated copies home in their take-home folder on day one.  To prepare for day one, each teacher will send a separate Dojo communication to each parent to let them know their family pick-up number.  As you pull in, you will display your child's family pick-up number so our staff can see it.  Staff will radio in and we will send the students out the side doors for pick-up in the afternoon pick-up zone (marked by cones).

Parents/family members will not park or get out of the car. We will help students load into the correct car. Then you will pull on through the loop and back out King Street.

This is new, and the first few days will be an adjustment, but the safety it offers is powerful. Only trusted individuals are to receive your pick-up number, and that way we know the individual you send has the permission to pick up your child (in addition to the notes you give to us at the beginning of the year.).

Please remember that we are not allowed to use Armory Road. Parents must enter the main street, King Street, and use the one-way loop to drop off and pick up students. We can never block buses as they need to exit. This would delay the bus routes and cause other parents to be worried about their children.

As we work our way through the school year and see that adjustments need to be made, we will make you aware of any changes.

Note: Students in the on-site Hybrid Learning room have a separate dismissal procedure, and that has been communicated to those families by Mrs. Murty.

Morning drop-off: 7:40am-7:55am.

Afternoon pick-up: 2:35pm-2:55pm

(Hybrid is a little earlier and follows a different protocol.)

Sincerely, Mrs. Murty

Woodward Principal